Vital Records

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Vital Records

Birth Certificates

The Health Department can provide certified copies of Missouri birth certificates for $15.00 each while you wait. Birth certificates are available for individuals born in Missouri after 1920. To get a birth certificate for a person born before 1920, you will need to call the Vital Records office in Jefferson City at (573) 751-6387.

Birth certificates will only be issued to:
  •  the registrant,
  •  relatives up to, but not including, cousins,
  •  a legal guardian of a child,
  •  a step-parent, or
  •  another legally authorized individual as determined by Missouri Department of Health rules relating to access to vital records.

Please be prepared to provide the person's full name and date of birth, as well as the mother's full maiden name. You must show your photo ID, such as your driver's license, passport, school ID, work badge or military ID.

Death Certificates

Death Certificates can be purchased for $14.00 for the first certificate and $11.00 for subsequent copies for the same person in the same visit. Death certificates are available for deaths occuring in Missouri after 1980. Death certificates for deaths that occurred before 1980 must be requested through the Vital Records office in Jefferson City. Call (573) 751-6387 for more information.

Death certificates may be issued to relatives or to third parties with a legal need. Please be ready to provide the deceased person's full name and the date and city of death. You will also need to show your photo ID. If you are not a relative, you may also be asked to fill out additional paperwork in order to receive the death certificate. Obtaining a record illegally is a class D felony.

Birth/Death Certificate Alternate Forms of ID Accepted

(If no photo ID is available, then you must provide 2 of any of the following forms)
1. Current letter from government or social agency with your name and address on it.
2. Social security numbers must match.
3. Social Security card or Social Security numident print out (print out of applicant’s Social Security account of activities).
4. Court certified adoption papers that includes adopted parent(s) name.
5. Official certified deeds or title to property with your name on it.
6. Certificate of vehicle title or registration documents with your name on them.
7. Proof of Auto Insurance with your name on it.
8. Insurance policy with your name on it (health, home, life, etc.).
9. Medicaid/Medicare document or identification card with your name on it.
10. A Payroll Stub that includes the name and Social Security number of applicant (cannot be handwritten stubs).
11. Military discharge document (DD-214)
12. Cancelled duplicate check (must show name, address, signature, and name of institution).
13. Utility bills which show name and address of applicant (water, gas, electric, phone).
14. Shelter name band (including name of shelter).

Other individuals qualified to receive a record such as parent, child, sibling, grandparent, grandchildren, guardian, foster parent, aunt, or uncle (no cousins, boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancé) may request a vital record for a qualified individual that does not have identification, but they too must show identification.