Smoking Cessation

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Smoking Cessation

The American Cancer Society’s Fresh Start smoking cessation program is a four-week support program offered to all those who want to quit using tobacco products.

Time: 4:00 to 5:00 PM
Location: Audrain County Health Department
Cost: $25
Registration: Call the Health Department at 573-581-1332 to enroll.

Note: The program is taught by trained smoking cessation facilitators. You must RSVP to attend the classes. There must be at least 2 participants signed up to hold a session.

Classes are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday during the months of:
  •  March
  •  June
  •  September
  •  December


Smoking Cessation and Reduction in Pregnancy Treatment (SCRIPT)

Audrain County Health Department has a new prenatal smoking cessation program called SCRIPT. SCRIPT is an evidence-based program shown to be effective in helping pregnant women quit smoking. The primary goal of the SCRIPT program is to reduce the burden of tobacco and its impact on infant and maternal mortality and morbidity. ACHD offers SCRIPT to provide education to prenatal women along with any smoking partner that lives in the same home. Participants will receive A Pregnant Woman’s Guide, comprehensive counseling, follow up counseling and incentives with success. This program is free of charge for any prenatal smoker and partner smoking in the same home. For more information, call Kerry Patton at 573-581-1332.