Safe at Home

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Safe at Home

Since 2007, the Safe at Home address confidentiality program has helped survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, rape or stalking in their efforts to stay safe by providing a designated address to use when creating new public records. These services keep survivors’ confidential addresses out of the hands of their assailants. The Health Department has three support staff trained and certified by the Secretary of State`s Office to help survivors learn how to protect their safety.

Safe at Home provides a substitute address for things like:
  •  Drivers license or state identification card
  •  Motor vehicle titles and registrations
  •  Public school enrollment
  •  State social services benefits
  •  Law enforcement reports
  •  Court documents
  •  Voter registration records
  •  Library cards
  •  City and county services and records

Safe at Home may be right for you if:
  •  You are a survivor of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, or rape.
  •  You recently relocated to an address unknown to your abuser.
  •  You understand participation in the program is just one piece of a comprehensive plan for your safety.
  •  You are a resident of the state of Missouri.

If you would like more information, please contact the Health Department at (573) 581-1332 or visit Safe at Home online.