Safe Cribs

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Safe Cribs

If you are expecting, just had a baby, or are taking care of a young infant it’s important to create a safe sleep environment for your baby. The Health Department offers safe baby cribs to families in need.

Families who request a crib must meet one of the following requirements:
  •  qualify for WIC
  •  qualify for Missouri Medicaid
  •  have an income level that is less than 185% of the federal poverty level
  •  be at least 35 weeks pregnant
  •  have an infant less than 3 months old
  •  be a Missouri resident

This program is the provider of last resort for families who have no full size or portable crib and no other resources for obtaining one.

Families must participate in two individual safe sleep education sessions provided by the Health Department. Sessions will follow the 2011 American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for a Safe Infant Sleeping Environment. During the first session, Health Department staff will talk with families about the need for a crib and safe sleep environment recommendations. During the second session, staff will visit the family at their home to see their use of the crib to create a safe sleep environment.

To learn more about the safe cribs program or to apply to receive a crib, please call us at (573) 581-1332.