Emergency Preparedness and Response

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Emergency Preparedness and Response

After a Flood

  •  Returning after a Flood
  •  Handwashing after a Flood
  •  Food Safety after a Flood
  •  Flood Clean Up
  •  Immunizations in a Disaster
  •  Guidelines for Food Establishments After a Flood

You must play a very important part in getting yourself, your family, and your community ready for a public health emergency. Be prepared to take care of your family at home for three days, without any outside help. Below is a list of items you may need. Learn more at Ready in 3.

  •  Nonperishable food - choose items that are easy to prepare and do not need to be refrigerated, like canned soup, canned fruit or vegetables, cereal, protein bars, and peanut butter crackers
  •  Three gallons of bottled water per person
  •   Baby food, infant formula, bottles, diapers and other baby supplies, if needed
  •  Extra food, water and supplies for pets
  •  Over-the-counter medicines for fever or pain (like acetaminophen or ibuprofen), prescription medications, protective masks and gloves, single use disposable thermometer, and a first-aid kit
  •  Personal supplies like soap, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, facial tissue, paper towels, feminine hygiene products and dental supplies
  •   Entertainment items like a pencil, notebook, board games and magazines
  •  Household goods like a flashlight, manual can opener, whistle, blankets, garbage bags with ties, spare batteries, hearing aid battery, unscented bleach, candles, matches, and a portable radio